There are five options to improve our knowledge about lenses.

1. Hard Coating
2. ARC (Anti Reflection Coating)
3. Photochromatics
4. Hi-Index Lenses
5. Progressive Lenses
50 Years Excellence in Vision
See Better
  • Anti Reflection CoatingThe Reduction in reflection (from 10% in normal lenses ) to less than 1%, improves the contrast of the image by elimination of stray light thus making seeing better.

Look Better - (Direct eye to eye contact no interference of lenses)

Anti Reflection Coating
  • The elimination of reflection makes the eyes of the wearer more visible to other thus improving cosmetic looks.

Be safe - (While driving at night)
  • Anti Reflection CoatingReduced Glare with reduced reflection makes driving at night more comfortable with increase contrast & therefore increases visual acuity.

Increased Life of lens

Anti Reflection Coating
  • Superhydrophobic topcoat makes the lens water & dust repellent enhancing the durability of the lens.

EMI - electromagnetic interference
  • Anti Reflection Coating

    The EMI coating gives complete protection against harmful EMI radiation, thus making seeing comfortable to Computer users.