There are five options to improve our knowledge about lenses.

1. Hard Coating
2. ARC (Anti Reflection Coating)
3. Photochromatics
4. Hi-Index Lenses
5. Progressive Lenses
50 Years Excellence in Vision
Don't need to carry 2 pairs of glasses - for indoor & outdoor
  • PhotochromaticsPhotochromic lenses are sensitive to UV light, which makes them darker in outdoors & lighter in indoors.

Photochromic lens promotes healthy eyesight

  • Photochromic lenses protect your eyes by adjusting itself to different light conditions improving vision.

100% safety from UV rays- up to UV400nm
  • PhotochromaticsPhotochromic lenses absorb 100% UV rays, thus giving complete protection against cancer causing, harmful UV radiations.

Enmass Technology & Mid-index Lenses (1.56)

  • Enmasse technology ensures a longer life of the Photochromic effect and mid index lenses offer a much thinner product.

Price is half & performance is SAME. (Similar speed of darkening & reversing)
  • Photochromatics

    Daynite and Qshade, are breakthrough photochromic products, developed specially for the Indian conditions , offering similar performances to MNCs products, at less than half the price.