There are five options to improve our knowledge about lenses.

1. Hard Coating
2. ARC (Anti Reflection Coating)
3. Photochromatics
4. Hi-Index Lenses
5. Progressive Lenses
50 Years Excellence in Vision
A lens coating that protects the lens surface from scratches (Anti-scratch Coating ).
  • Hard Coating95% Scratch resistant lenses
    Tough silica coat enhances the scratch resistance property thus preventing it from getting minor scratches.

Durability of Lenses-double the life of uncoat Lenses

Hard Coating
  • Anti scratch coating acts as a protective layer thus making the lens more durable as compared to an uncoat lens.

Both Side dip computerized coated lenses for longer life.
  • Hard CoatingCoating thickness is precisely controlled by fully automized machine thus giving lens optimum scratch resistant property.

Duron coat comes with 6 months Guarantee, Robusta coat with 1 year Guarantee

Hard Coating
  • Anti Scratch coating is not 100% scratch proof but company offer Guarantee against lens developing minor scratches with usage.

Big optical outlets don't use UNCOAT lenses because of poor performance
  • Hard Coating

    Worldwide Coated lenses are more prefered then uncoat lenses due to its improved cosmetics look & high durability.