There are five options to improve our knowledge about lenses.

1. Hard Coating
2. ARC (Anti Reflection Coating)
3. Photochromatics
4. Hi-Index Lenses
5. Progressive Llenses
50 Years Excellence in Vision
  • Progressive lenses3 in 1 Lens - ... one can see Distance(>10 feet), Intermediate(2 -10 feet) & Near(0 - 2 feet) with Single lens
    Unlike Bifocal lens, progressive lens offers ability to see at all distances including intermediate ranges.

Progressive lenses
  • Look Younger - no dividing line like bifocals so you can hide your age.
    Unlike bifocal lens , progressive lens don't have an dividing line which makes it to look cosmetically better.

  • Progressive lensesNatural Vision - No image jump like bifocals from reading to distance, so you get natural image like single vision
    With progressive lens the transition between lens power within the lens is smooth & seamless letting you change focus from distance to near & back again more comfortably.

Progressive lenses
  • Shorter Corridor & Cosmetically superior lenses
    Short corridor progressive lens with compact design provides larger reading zone for today's smaller, fashionable frames.

  • Progressive lensesPrime Progressive - Lowest price & widest range available in the market. (More then 12 option in the plastic & 6 in the Glass range)
    Taral progressive from Prime is one of the largest selling progressive in India which comes with a complete adaptation guarantee.