Lens Features
  • Comfortable like a single vision lens
  • Wide distance vision, Better for driving
  • Wide Intermediate vision, Good for computer
  • Wide near vision, Best for reading
  • Wide Field of sharp vision
  • Smooth transition of power
  • Good visual performance while moving
  • Excellent adaptability.

Benefit to Customer
  • Digitally designed and surface lens
  • Wide Intermediate zone
  • Amazing adaptability
  • Ideal for computer and driving

Technicacl Specification

Hard or Soft Design Super Soft
Asymmetrical Yes
Aspheric Distance Area Yes
Width of Far Vision 35mm
Average Corridor Width 8.0mm
Reading Width at 12mm below fit point 15mm
Reading Width at 14mm below fit point 19mm
Corridor Length 12/14/16
Maximum Astigmatism 1.50 D
Temporal/Nasal Softness of Design 1.25/1.5 D
Clear Distance Angle From Fit Point 180 Degree
Softness of Design 0.14 D
Minimum Fitting Height 15, 17,19 mm
Suggested Fitting Height 17, 19, 21 mm